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Updated: Apr 7, 2019

On Saturday 21st April 2018 Tim and I went to Chorley to have our images assessed. We both received the Credit award from the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain.

Our camera club ran a photographic distinctions group for members who were thinking of putting their work forward for assessment. Initially I went along because I saw it as a way of pushing myself to produce more higher quality work. Tim decided to go for the CPAGB award, but I didn't think I had enough work of that standard at the time. I would need ten images. However, the application had to be in many months before the assessment day so I decided to put myself forward too in the hope that I'd have enough work by the submission date!

We were given a mentor by the YPU (Yorkshire Photographic Union) to help us through the process of selecting our best work. Marilyn Roberts took a look at my images and I was pleasantly surprised when she said that most of them were probably good enough!

I chose to submit my images as prints because that gave me better control over the way they were viewed on the day. I would be in control of the colours rather than at the mercy of someone else's projector that might not have been quite the same as my monitor (although both have been calibrated).

On the day there were 48 people's work being assessed in prints. This meant that my images would appear every 48 prints. The work is not assessed as a panel, but as stand-alone images. Six judges each gave their vote and those were added up to a score out of 30 for each image, which was then read out. I would need 200 points in total to pass (so an average of 20 per image). It was rather nerve-wracking as each image came up - would it get enough votes? Would my average remain high enough? I needn't have worried because every image received at least 20 points and I knew I had already passed before the last image was shown.

I am now the proud owner of a small blue badge and a certificate and am entitled to use the letters CPAGB after my name!


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